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Nepal Lhomi Society (NELHOS) is a faith based non-governmental organization founded by a group of Lhomi people in Nepal. It is registered with the Government of Nepal and affiliated to the Social Welfare Council of Nepal since 2006 with the registration number of 252/063, SWC number of 20566/063, PAN of 302974777 and social security number of 330802N850003735.

NELHOS is inspired by “Love your neighbor as yourself”. So we love to serve the indigenous linguistic minority people in Nepal through the projects of Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education and health services.

Children could not get quality education in Nepal due to language barrier and also lack of supportive role of parents in public schools. People in rural area did not get basic health facilities. Lhomi and other minority rural community people are isolated from the mainstream of government. They are still facing many problems due to the lack of proper roads and transportation system, lack of electricity, lack of quality education and health services. NELHOS is interested in reaching those needy and helpless communities in Nepal.

NELHOS has carried out the Bilingual Literacy Project in Lhomi and Nepali in 2010-2012 as first project with the financial support of Formin via Wycliffe Finland, Translation project, Jhyambe Mengang Health Clinic project supported by TEAM USA and Eastern Tamang Bilingual Literacy program supported by SIL International Nepal are our completed projects. Our current projects are Mother tongue based early childhood education (MTB-ECE), Eastern Tamang Multi-lingual education (MLE), Jhyambe Mengang Health clinic, Darai literacy project and translation project.