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 New Hope for the preschool in Dima Village

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This is a statement and also a story of Kamala Tamang of aged 27 who is a parent of a student from Dima-5 Village preschool.  She has a daughter studying in KG class in Dima village.

Kamala says, “There has been a preschool in Dima for a long time but it has been just like a building only and there wasn’t any rules, no proper teaching and no proper class as well.”

Dima preschool has been established and run for a long time but there wasn’t any facilities, no any proper teachers, no rules, no materials to teach the students, no trainings and overall it was just a building built in the area in the name of a school. Recently NELHOS introduced this MLE concept teaching in the KG class from 2019.

“After NELHOS introduced this MLE concept in the KG class I have personally seen my child developing mentally and physically developing so fast,” says Kamala. Kamala says, “Before my child never prefers to go to school and she didn’t learn anything in her first year so I repeated class for her”.

“Not only in education but also in hygiene, discipline and time management there has been so much changed. All the teachers come to the school regularly. The teachers ask us to send our children regularly sending them cooked food instead of junked food,” says Kamala.

“Beside Kamala many of the parents from different villages have given positive feedbacks regarding the vast growth in their child quick progress. The student all are found to be coming to the school being clean and bringing cooked food. Even the parents now are aware and interested to know how their children are learning so well and quick so they come to the school once a week to check with the KG teachers.” Says the principal of the school.

“If such type of program is developed for even the older class students as well then I think our school will be like a model school and we don’t need to sent our older child to the boarding school paying high fees,” says Kamala.

So, We can see that MLE has been positively impacting not only in the education sector of the children but also in different aspects of education like health, hygiene and sanitation, time management, healthy foods etc.



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