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Learning has no age limit !


My name is Finjum Bhote. I live in Bhotkhola Rural municipality, Ward No. 4, Seksum Village. There are 8 family members in my family. I am the eldest daughter in my family so until the age of 13 I stayed at home to help my parents in farming, cattle raisins and other household works. One day, all our cattle were swept away by the landslides. Even though we had no any cattle’s left, my father again  bought two cows and told me to stay at home and take the cows for grazing. When I take the cattle for grazing in the green hills, I wonder and wish about going to schools. I think that I have learnt a lot of household work but if I can go to school I can learn a lot more. One day, I talked with my parents and told them that all my friends were going to school and I also want to go to school. I requested them to admit me in the school but my mom said that I was too old to join school . I really wanted to study so I cried a lot and requested my parents again. NELHOS staff also encouraged my parents to send me to school and they said that age doesn’t matter. The field staff were successful in making my parents aware about the importance of education. So, after 2 days they agreed to send me to school and admitted me in grade 3. After that, I started going to school with my younger brother daily. On the first day of school I was very embarrassed because all my classmates were small and I was the oldest one in the class. 

The teaching method of the teachers in the school was very different and it was hard for me to catch up with the lessons. I tried my best but still it was very hard for me to learn and understand the lessons. Though I was the oldest in class, I failed in every examination. I always convince myself that if I worked hard, I would be successful. I never gave up studying even though I failed or I was embarrassed. I studied very hard and surprisingly when I reached grade 4 I secured first position in my class. Then I realized that hard work brings success. I continually studied hard and never gave up studying. Currently I am studying in Gola village in grade 9. After Aim to become a Nurse but I saw that my parents couldn’t afford me to study nursing so I now want to finish my grade 12 and join the Nepal army team and serve my country. I am grateful to the entire NELHOS team for understanding our needs and encouraging our parents to support our needs and wishes.





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