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Where there is a will, there is a way


My name is Kingsang Lama. I am 41-year-old and I live in Namse village of Bhotkhola Rural municipality,4. My education status is up to primary level. I have 4 sons and daughters. I play a role of chairman of the school management committee of Namase preschool and in the village as a head Lama (a buddhist priest). My older son is studying in grade 3 and my younger son is studying in grade 1.

All my friends and the villagers were taking their children far away from the villages to city areas like Kathmandu, Khandbari (place name) for better and quality education for their children. I also had the same thought and discussed with some of my friends if it will be a good idea to send the children far away from them.

I had the thought, but it was very difficult to take the decision. I couldn’t send them far away from home. When I was in this dilemma, just in that year, NELHOS introduced this MTB-ECE concept in our preschool where my kids were also there. I liked the concept of teaching the children through our mother tongue. Then had a hope that NELHOS will surely bring a change in the education system of the preschool. Then I decided to keep my children in the village preschool.

As time passed, NELHOS not only brought change in the learning of the students but also change in the thoughts of the parents, teachers and the whole community. They give us various trainings and workshops on our different roles as parents, teachers, School management committee members and as a community leader.

After learning through many such trainings and meetings, I tried to follow and fulfill my duties as a parent and as a chairman of the SMC. I saw a huge difference between my children and other children who were studying in the city areas. My younger son who was studying in the grade 1 became first in his class. Not only education but he was so confident, and he knew how to greet to elders, he used to teach us to stay clean and wash our hands as well. He was learning all this from his class where the teachers were teaching with different interesting materials and methods. I really appreciated NELHOS for bringing such program in our village.

After realizing my roles and responsibilities I am continually checking and monitoring the preschools, the class and the teachers and giving them feedbacks on how they can develop the preschool better. I also share my learnings with my other friends from different village on how to take care of our children, how to give them a quality education and about this concept of MTB-ECE.






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