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Opportunities of higher education after literacy class


My name is Ngeruk Bhote. I am 19 years old. I am from Seksila village-4. I am currently studying in grade 10 in Shree Krishna basic school in gola-5. Due to illiterate parents and financial problems of my family I wasn’t able to join school in my early age. I am the oldest son in my family and I had to do all the household works from my young age. I had to go in the hills taking the goats for grazing. I had no time for schools. I used to see my friends going to school and I always wished that I could also carry books and pencils like them and go to school. But sadly I had no any chance.
Then it was on 2010 AD that I heard news that in our village there was going to be some kind of education class but I had not much idea about that. Later I knew that it was a literacy class which was going to be started in our village and it was conducted by NELHOS. The literacy class was especially for the older ones and my mom dad and sisters joined in the class. I was also very eager to learn to read and write so I requested my parents if I can join the class. I was granted permission from my parents and even in the class I was accepted though I was young. I was very happy that I got this opportunity.
I regularly attended the literacy class and I was able to read and write very well during the completion of the literacy class. Seeing my good result in literacy class my teacher Mr. Dukpa Bhote (Literacy class teacher) encouraged me to join school in Seksila village and even advised my parents for it. So in the same year my parents admitted me in grade 2 in Popti Vanjyang basic school in Seksila village. After that day I regularly went to school and now I have reached grade 10.
“He is one of a very smart, regular and disciplined student from our school”, says Dharche Bhote (class teacher).
When Ngeruk grows up he wished to study agricultural science to develop the agriculture system in his village area. But due to his financial condition he doesn’t know if he can study the subject he wants when he reached his university.
Ngeruk says, “He wants to thank NELHOS for showing him his ways as light, when he had no any hope of getting education”.
“Through the literacy class introduced by NELHOS I am able to reach to my higher level of studies,” says Ngeruk.
In this way in many ways NELHOS has been able to give a positive impact to every age group peoples in the Lhomi area in the field of education.


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