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Small Effort of Changing the School


This is the story of Mr. Ladar Bhote from Namase Village-4. He has been working as the head sir of Himshikar Basic school in Namase village.

Ladar Bhote says, “we are in such place where geographical is very challanging and unto that we are far behind in education, sports, health etc. We are behind in every development works.”

The school in Namase has 6 classes starting from KG to Grade 5. The main challenges seen in the school of Namase village is the students coming late to school and lack of parents education.

“To give quality education to our students is our main responsibilties but there are many challages and NELHOS has helped us to go through all this challenges.” Says Ladar Bhote.

NELHOS has been giving different trainings and workshops on quality education, parents education and building the capacity of the teachers as well as for the head sir.

Ladar Bhote as a head sir has been trying a lot to talk with the parents and encouraging them to send their children on time and regularly. The parents didn’t know about the importance of education due to which Ladar Bhote had a hard time copping with the parents.

Later NELHOS played the part as a mediator between the teachers and the parents and conducted teachers parents meeting to sort out the problem.

After NELHOS helped us confronting with the parents, they gave us some ideas to face the challenges.

“They encourage me to lift up the school management committee, form a teacher parents association or either conduct a yearly program at the end of the session and gift the students who are regular and appreciate their parents as well and use them as an example for the other parents” Says Ladar.

Ladar further says, “After I applied those ideas, I have seen a vast changes in the behaviour of the parents. They seem to understand what is going on in the school and they also visits the school to see how their children are learning.

Ladar is Thankful to the entire team of NELHOS for giving us such ideas and helping us with all the awarness program and meetings.



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