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From hut to a palace

This is a story about a village named Hema located in the eastern part of Nepal where the word education was unheard from the very beginning of the generations. Besides education, they were also deprived from all sorts of basic needs, infrastructure and development mainly because of the difficult geographical structures. After many generations the villagers were aware about education and they realized that though the parents didn’t get the chance to study, they were wishing that their children would be educated. They had no schools in their village and they couldn’t send their children to further schools due to dangerous roads and big rivers. The parents couldn’t send the children to the school thinking of their safety.

Seeing the sad life of the villagers, Mr. Dal bahadur Tamang (one of the village elders) said, “Since it’s hard to send our children to another village to study due to safety reasons, why don’t we build a school in our village yourself?”

Mr. Dal Bahadur gave an idea to all the villagers and he donated an area of his land to build a school. Though the village received the land but due to financial reasons there wasn’t a building for the children to study. The villagers build a small hut with bamboo, sticks and leaves for the children to study. But there were no teachers who were capable of teaching the children and the children weren’t able to understand any language besides their mother tongue. This was a big issue.

Seeing the struggle and hard work of the Hema villagers, NELHOS was very interested in helping the community. So, NELHOS introduced this MTB MLE in Hema school as well. NELHOS did networking work with the local government in building good classrooms for the children and managing good capable teachers for the school. Now the school has a 4 room classroom and it’s well managed with few teachers and principal. The people of Hema villagers seem to be very happy and grateful to the entire NELHOS team.




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